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The work I do varies, but I mostly shoot portraits and corporate events. There is just something about capturing a moment that you can't stop looking at - and my favorite response to my work is tears. Someone once told me, "You don't just take photos, you capture a feeling." I truly beleive you can see a soul in a photo.

My studio is two minutes from my Berkley, Michigan home, and two miles from 696. I enjoy the convenience but I also love to shoot wherever there is a road trip included. I'd love to work with you on your photographic project so please do give me a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



I'm also an editorial photographer marrying my background in art and social science. Formally educated in Sociology and Art, I have been working in art and design for 19 years. I photograph my own art pieces made from various mediums, orchestrated actors in produced compositions, and life as it occurs in a documentary style. I am influenced by the intricacies of social paradigms that you'll see in my works. Although the subjects I addresses are relevant concerns and (sometimes very) dark matters, I am playful and optimistic. I create a visual summary, or snapshot, of busy and complicated concepts to make them more easily understood. My hope is mass communication of my works for a role in social change. I’m affected by Detroit's blighted historical artifacts in contrast to its newly constructed border neighbors, where crumbling manmade landscapes are left behind as a shrine of decline for shiny new destinations. In a time of mass consumerism, we are quick to replace things rather than repurpose them. While Detroit ruin porn is a beautiful and popular art form, I’m interested in renewal. None of this is a criticism, but rather a commentary and a source of inspiration. Because of my natural propensity to flip negatives into positives, my art is formed from discarded objects - into new objects of art that express the paradigms I hope to disrupt - then photographed. I harvest broken and discarded items to create my pieces. I’m often asked how I come up with my themes and ideas. The best answer I can give is it’s a little like cloud watching, sometimes you see a shape in a cloud right away and sometimes you have to look at it a while until it takes shape. Some treasures immediately find their way into a representation of my agenda at the time and some wait their turn in the land of misfits until they shine in just the right work. Every component has meaning in a piece. You can see my editorial art here.